Utah Location Guide for Photographers & Creatives

This 50-page digital guide includes 35+ iconic photo shoot locations in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah and beyond. Find direct pins to favorites like the wildflower blooms, pink lake, salt flats, sand dunes, poppies, sunflowers, cherry blossoms, ice castles, colorful walls, urban gems, national parks, and so much more.

In addition to directions, you'll find tips on when to visit, what to know beforehand, and information on permits and photography policies. 

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What's in the Guide?

35+ Locations

  • Downtown Salt Lake City
  • Cottonwood Canyons
  • Spots 2+ hours from SLC
  • National & State Parks
  • My favorite photo studios

Iconic Spots

  • Wildflower blooms
  • The pink lake location
  • Salt flats, sand dunes, red rock, + more of my secret spots


  • Google Maps pins
  • Parking and directions
  • Weather and seasonal info
  • Permits and photo policies
  • What to know beforehand
  • Additional resources



I relocated my photo business to Utah in 2018 with ZERO knowledge of locations. I saw so many gorgeous images on Pinterest and found myself spending hours researching online, driving around location scouting, and messaging others online trying to get the inside scoop, but often coming up empty handed. I needed the inside scoop.

Now that I've been working as a photographer for over 5 years in Utah, I've become an expert on where to find the best blooms, what time of year to visit locations, and essential details to know beforehand - all of which I'm sharing with you in this guide.

My goal was to create the guide that I wish I had when I was new to the area - to take out all the legwork so you can just show up and know exactly where to go to get your dream shots.

The Guide I Wish I Had


Why Ruthie loves the guide

Ruthie Henderson


Natalie J

"Marina has done it again! As a photographer from a big city that travels to Utah quite often, Marina has made it so much easier for me to location scout from states away. The care and thought she has put into this guide blows me away— the attention to detail, the variety of locations, and the helpful suggestions. I can’t wait to be able to shoot in more of these locations the next time I’m in Utah!"


Katy R

"I just recently moved to Utah and Marina's Location Guide has been an incredibly useful resource as I try and rebuild my portfolio in a new place. Clients are always asking for location recommendations and it feels good to be able to provide solid location options that I know they'll love."


Ian M

"Marina put together the most incredible list of Utah locations, featuring tons of lesser known gems! I’ve seen a lot of free Utah location guides online, but none of them are as organized or as informative as this one. I am so happy with this purchase and I can’t wait to start planning photoshoots next time I visit Utah!"






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