MW Desktop Presets (2019)

  • This is a digital download and the link expires 1 week after the first access

  • Files must be downloaded on a computer

  • This preset pack is for Lightroom Classic (LrC) on desktop, NOT the Lightroom (Lr) app

  • 2019 PRESET PACK: These presets reflect Marina's moody, low-contrast editing style at the time

REFUND POLICY: FINAL SALE, NO REFUNDS. Because this is a digital file, refunds cannot be made because the product cannot be returned. By purchasing you agree to these terms. Unauthorized distribution of these presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

SUPPORT: If you watched the tutorial video and still need technical help, email with your order number and any questions.




Elevate your style with milky whites, flat blacks, and warm tones.

these are for you if you want to:

Warm Temp
Flat, Milky Whites
Creamy Skin Tones

Perfect for outdoor or indoor natural light, such as shade, backlit shots, window light, or overcast skies.

for soft, natural light

MW Classic



Perfect for nighttime shots captured with a flash or video light. I use this most often for wedding receptions.


MW Flash



Perfect for those challenging direct sunlight shots. Helps create creamy, soft skin tones with the perfect amount of contrast.

for direct, harsh light

MW Sun



frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the desktop presets and the mobile presets?

The DESKTOP PRESET PACK is made for Adobe Lightroom Classic on desktop. An Adobe subscription IS required to use these presets. This program is different than the Lightroom App that you can use for free on mobile, tablet, or computer. These presets are designed for RAW image files - you can also use them on JPG images, but you will most likely have to make more adjustments to get them right, most commonly in exposure and temperature.

The MOBILE PRESET PACK is made for the Adobe Lightroom app for mobile devices, tablets, and computers. An Adobe subscription is NOT required to use these presets - this is a free app. These presets are designed for JPG image files - you can also use them on RAW images, but you will most likely have to make more adjustments to get them right, most commonly in exposure and temperature.

For more detailed information, please click the links under each pack to read more.

how do presets work? do i just click 'apply', like a filter, and they're done?

Presets are not “one-click” and you’re done - your image won’t be ready-to-go as soon as they are applied, as changes must always be made depending on the information in your raw image file. Exposure, temperature changes, and some color changes will need to be adjusted for each photo once applied, depending on your camera’s settings while shooting, as well as your personal taste. A tutorial video comes with the preset pack when purchased, where I show you how to import and use the presets.

how do i import them?

Once you purchase the presets and download the .ZIP file, a tutorial video is included in this folder where I show you how to import and use the presets. Please watch this video before emailing with questions. If you still have questions, please email

what is your refund policy?

Because this is a digital asset and therefore it cannot be returned, refunds are not possible and customers agree to this policy when purchasing. This policy is the same for all digital assets available for purchase on Marina Williams Education.

when did you release these? Do you still edit with them?

These presets were both released in 2019 when my editing style was on the moodier side! Over the years my style has evolved to a brighter, more colorful style so I no longer edit with this pack for full transparency. If you're looking for presets with warm tones, matte blacks, low contrast, and milkier whites - this is the pack for you! 

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